Research interest

me and Shikin, PhD candidate (Ant's Systematics)

I am a graduate student from Programme of Ecology and Biodiversity (Zoology), Faculty of Science, University of Malaya Kuala Lumpur. My specific research interest is in studying Malaysian trap door spider, genus Liphistius sp but my general interest would be studying Malaysian spider's group. I grew up in a small town in East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, known as Machang but I have stayed in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor since 2003 while attending my high school and university. 

Research background:
  1. Undergraduate thesis: Litter and Ground Dwelling Spiders of Berembun Forest Reserve, Negeri Sembilan. (2008/2009)
  2. Master project : Molecular Phylogeny of Trap Door Spider, Genus Liphistius (Aranae: Liphistiidae) from Peninsular Malaysia. (2010-present) in collaboration with Dr. Matjaz Kuntner
I have been working and learning with several international spider's expert:
  1. Mr. Joseph Koh, author of 'A Guide to Common Singapore Spiders'.
  2. Dr. Mark S. Harvey, Senior Curator and Head Department of Terrestrial Zoology, Western Australian Museum, Australia. 
  3. Dr. Matjaz Kuntner, Head Institute of Biology, Scientific Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Art, Slovenia. 
For further info, here is my CV. (Updated 12th January 2011)